September 2, 2012

You're walking around a volcanic crater

The best thing about living in Nairobi is, as obvious as it sounds, living in Kenya.  Nairobi might have the restaurants, bars, paved roads, and the majority of the country's currency, but the areas outside the city possess the most natural wealth.  

This is what driving around Kenya looks like:

Marsabit county, northern Kenya.

Rift Valley cows.


Last weekend I took a third trip to hike Mt. Longonot in the Rift Valley.  It's a grueling ~7 miles, up to ~9,000ft above sea level.  I enjoy getting outdoors and hiking, but each time I do this trek it's a painful endeavor.  But I can't think of any other hike I've done that's more rewarding.  

You're walking around a volcanic crater rim in the Great Rift Valley!    

Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha left; Crater right.

Crater left; Rift Valley right. 

I learned from my experiences last year of trying to hike these places in flimsy sneakers and came prepared with legitimate hiking shoes this time around.  The traction was better, but unfortunately the shoes don't confer any additional cardiovascular fitness.  It's always amazing to see what shoes Kenyans are wearing to hike this mountain.  It's one of the closest hiking spots to Nairobi, so it attracts day-trippers who come trudging up the mountain in flip flops, plastic sandals, and high heels.  The outfits can be pretty wondrous as well:  

Blue velvet suit.  Yes.  Blue velvet suit.  

But really, this view is what it's all about.

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  1. so beautiful! is the volcano still active?

    (PS the spam control filter letters are really hard to decipher! :)