September 13, 2012

The sleep and soup

For all my big talk about activities every night, I've spent an inordinate amount of this past week sleeping.  Whenever I move somewhere new it's not uncommon for me to get knocked out with a cold at some point within the first month, so I suppose this is my due.

Days progress as such: wake up and make a valiant effort to go to work; realize I am useless and go back home; drink some mango juice; take a nap; eat some soup; go back to bed; repeat.  Of course, there is a small amount of variety... some days I eat fresh mango or a mango Popsicle instead of drinking juice.  And today I went to the store for more Kleenex and medicine.  But the sleep and soup are always the same.  I've been logging about 12 hours of zzz's a day.

 Home-made is the best-made.

Mango-tropical blend Popsicle on the balcony.

But I've rounded the corner and am now packing for a sun-filled trip to the coast.  Weekend njemi, all!

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