September 28, 2012

That sort of thing

Nairobi can be a very boozy place, if you're into that sort of thing.  It can be a very boozy place even if you're not into that sort of thing.  I attribute it to the plethora of things to celebrate: Birthdays, Goodbye parties, Welcome Back parties, Safari parties, We-Just-Finished-A-Hike parties, It's-Friday parties, It's-Saturday parties, Lets-All-Eat-A-Bunch-Of-Samosas parties, and on and on.

Last weekend was a birthday party at Olepos Country Club, about an hour's drive outside of Nairobi (4 hours in traffic, yes).  To get transport to the birthday party, I joined up with a going-away party who was taking a party-bus to get there.  A party on the way to a party.

Being on a party bus is actually a marvelous way to get around Nairobi because when you get stuck in traffic, no problem!  You're entertainment is already there, and your biggest troubles are 1.) How will we open the wine without a corkscrew? (No problem; it's boxed) and 2.) Is the bus aisle big enough for salsa dancing? (Yes, it is).

This type of city safari also affords plenty of chances to see exotic creatures:  "Look! Tourists!"
Inside the bus:

Savannah sing-alongs

Beer from a party straw is not as bad as it sounds.

And then when you finally hit the open road, you get this.
Outside the bus:

And then, of course, you finally arrive at the official party.  A pool-side view that's worth the drive:

Olepos Country Club

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