August 27, 2012

And I'm back

Hello! It's 2012, I'm Kara, and I'm back in Kenya.


It's been about 8 months since I left, but everything is startlingly familiar. All changes are minor and cosmetic.  A fence was taken down; there are some new potted plants residing outside of my apartment block; one of my local grocery stores rearranged the layout of its isles. The road leading to my apartment has been paved, which is great news for taxis but makes me a bit wistful.

2011......................Infrastructural progress...................2012

But for the few things that have changed, the majority are exactly as I remember them. My cell phone not only has all of my old phone numbers and texts, but it also has an old "snake" game saved in the middle. And every time I recognize something, it's a small delight, no matter how untoward the memory. I smiled today to hear directions to our office being given, as always, in relation to the location of the morgue. And I'm easing back into my understanding of Kenyan English. It's a little polite, a bit British, and a tad terse. It makes me happy to buy dish soap that's called "washing up liquid." I'm particularly crazy about the plethora new "polite notices" and "very polite notices" that have taken residence in the women's bathroom at work.

Please for the sake of every lady desist from this habit with immediate effect!!

My motives differ slightly from the last time I was here. Last time was all about adventure and exploring a new place. This time I'll be living here for a year, and, while adventure is still valued, there's a bit more motivation to make a home for myself. I bought some bright red throw pillows for the couch and spent an hour constructing a frame for my mosquito net with 4 mop handles.

2011.......................Nesting Procedures.....................2012

In addition to nesting, my goals this year include improving my Kiswahili, taking more matatus, and visiting Lamu without getting kidnapped.  

And onward we go.


  1. yes snake game! can you push beds together and have one giant bed or will mosquito net disallow? I wish nyc had more polite (and very polite) notices with behavioral instruction.

  2. Easy, the next time you feel like saying "bugger off" to some overly-handsy guy, you can now just say, "Please for the sake of every lady desist from this habit with immediate effect."

    I'm pretty compact and don't need both beds, but am willing to push them together and share my net with you if you come visit...