September 4, 2013

Days 20-21 (walk of snails)

Left the Okavango in the familiar, early-morning routine of shoving everything that's yours into a bag you can carry on your back.  These weeks and months, we are a veritable walk of snails.  
(That's right, collective noun lovers, look it up.)

Only this particular morning, we packed our shells into boats before unloading and repacking into the bus on dry land.   


Feeling either threatened or preemptively nostalgic, a rogue hippo chased our boats out of his territory, rising out of the water to bare his teeth and snap his jaws.  

Goodbye, Delta

And after that, more driving.  Day 21 was a cranky, snappy day for everyone on the bus.  Frazzled in a way not even a bonus trivia Super Quiz could contain.  But if it took us three weeks to reach this point, I can't help but feel that's a success.  




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