September 24, 2013

Day 25 (prisms all around)

* It's been 3 days, and the BBC just changed their top story from "siege is breaking" to "more gunfire."  The situation has felt, and continues to feel, surreal at best and nightmarish at worst.  My Facebook feed looks schizophrenic.  My international friends have changed their profile pictures to a black square with a single candle flame, overlaid with KENYA in block letters.  They post memorials about friends that have died.  My American friends are still posting cat videos.  

Not much heart or energy for the Overlanding Retrospective today, but I like the idea of publishing a bit of African magic now.  So then:

June 23, 2013 was a full moon.  A full strawberry moon, to be precise.  And while there was really no good reason for me to know this, we arrived at Victoria Falls on June 22.  And all that mist (rain) that thunders up from the crush of the Falls hitting the Zambezi River?  It turns into rainbows in the right light.  Prisms all around you.  And on full moon nights, the park re-opens in the evening for full moon rainbows.  

Photo credit: Irina Chernetskaya

Photo credit: Irina Chernetskaya

Photo credit: Irina Chernetskaya

Full moon rainbows over Victoria Falls.  This world of ours is replete with unimaginable beauty and poetry.  

Which is something to hold on to in times like these.

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