July 19, 2011


So much to tell from the past few days! Like all of the amazing food I’ve been having, or my burgeoning “command” of Kiswahili, or how nice it is to explore Nairobi with friends, or why I ate a piece of chocolate with Kathleen Sebelius’ photo silk screened onto it.

However, anyone who knows Anjuli and Laura already knows the photo-op highlight of my weekend: kissing giraffes. Or “jerafes” if you are a cute little French kid. So I best post these first, lest they become old news.

Laura got to Nairobi last week, and Anjuli bused out from Bando for a weekend of friends, fun, and slumber parties. On Sunday, we went to the Giraffe Center where they breed endangered Rosthschild giraffes and then re-release them into the wild. There was a baby who was only 5 days old, and he was HUGE (at least, larger than each of us 3 full-grown people). I asked one of the staff what a pregnant giraffe looks like since the babies are so large, and he said “BIG. Like a pregnant woman.” I could type some more details, but I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.



And, don’t worry: the saliva is antiseptic (to help heal their tongues when eating thorny acacia twigs).

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