July 9, 2011

I did not pet this cheetah.

Hungry hungry... rhino:

My first weekend in Africa, and we got a new country. I spent the morning watching the only English-language TV channel I get, which had live coverage of the independence declaration and people singing in the streets. I heard music in the streets here as well and asked Richard if it was related to Southern Sudan, but he said it was just because it's Saturday. I guess weekends are celebrated worldwide.

This afternoon our study driver (henceforth to be known by his actual name, Richard) took me to the Nairobi National Park, where we went to the animal orphanage for abandoned or injured youngsters. They raise them before either graduating them to the adult area or re-releasing them into the wild.

Hakuna matata, it's some warthogs!

There was a woman dissolved into giggles because she had asked her daughter if she knew what those animals were, and her daughter said, "puppies."

And an apt pairing, perhaps, but who says either of them get the right of way?

We also went on a "safari walk" on Robinson Crusoe-style boardwalk above the non-fenced, wild part of the park.

The raised boardwalk is, presumably, for keeping people safe from wildlife, but I'm pretty sure a hungry cheetah could jump it.

No, I did not pet this cheetah. Yet. But I saw other people doing it! Apparently, if you slip the guards something under the table, they take you in the fence and let you play with these guys.

Next time!

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