October 4, 2013

Days 28-29 (along the road)

Two days of driving, driving, and driving through Zambia.  

This is how we do.

Apparently the overlanding company didn't think that there were any worthwhile stops between Victoria Falls and Lake Malawi, which is a shame because Zambia is turning out to be beautiful.  Beautiful out of our bus windows.  Beautiful from the road.  

Zambia obtained independent statehood in 1964, before which it was Northern Rhodesia.  Which gives them the distinction of being the only country to compete in the Olympic games under one name and to leave it under a different one.  One day, I will impress with this fact at trivia night, and the victory will be oh so sweet.  Obscure facts and geography of east and southern Africa- that's what I bring to the table.  

We've been passing tree-covered hillsides and small roadside villages with brightly-clad women selling brightly-colored produce and circles of men tinkering with bikes.  

As the trip goes on, the countries start to look more and more like Kenya.  Though Zambia is greener and has a bit less trash on the side of the roads we've driven.  

I've also started noticing some really neat Public Health signs along the road, including:
- "Spouse abuse is a crime"
- "Support and love your children"
- "Circumcision: A man who cares.  Services this way ------>"

All of which suggests that Zambia might be a place I'd like to return to.  One day, future permitting.  

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