August 4, 2013

Day 16 (this is overlanding)

Journal from this day:
We're sitting in folding chairs, in some long dry grasses on the side of the road, somewhere in Nowhere Namibia.  Two hours outside of Etosha, 20km away from the next town.  Our truck has been broken down on the side of the road for the last several hours.  In another few minutes, it will be noon and the shade will disappear, leaving us vulnerable in direct Namibian sun.  A few mechanics have come and gone, trucks and cars honk as they drive by- I suspect in solidarity, though it really sounds more like mocking.  This is overlanding in Africa.  

Broken down
Photo-credit: Irina Chernetskya

But playing cards in the fresh air and sunshine isn't all that bad.  And if it were going to happen, today is the right day- a throwaway  day of sleeping in the bus as we spend some 12 or more hours inching closer to the Botswana boarder.

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