January 21, 2013

Has been trying

Oh, hello.

It's been a while.  I'd like to excuse my lack of updates here by pointing out that I've been out of Kenya for a good chunk of the last month (and didn't want my URL to tell lies), but really I've just been busy.  Or lazy.  But mostly busy.  Mostly.

And then when too much time passes, the burden of making a post worthy of the delay starts to gain weight.  And you worry that your first post back needs to be 4 times as significant to make-up for the 4 weeks of silence.  But mostly, it's the busy thing.

So let me first clear the slate, zero the scale.  Since I was last here I've been in the Amsterdam airport twice, where sitting inside over-sized china is just another day:

Teacup family.  No big deal. 

I spent Christmas and New Years with family and friends in San Francisco:

San Francisco city hall says, "What war on Christmas?"

Oh, and there was this:

San Francisco in December.  Why would you ever go anywhere else?

And now it's 2013.  Who thought we would have made it this far after the millenium?  (A: Not the Mayans)

And after 3 weeks of the new year I can say- without reserve- that it is no cake-walk.  I've been working until 10pm on weeknights and on Sundays for the past 2 weeks, with another week still to go.  I need to move apartments and will probably lose the swimming pool that I never use but like to know that it's there just in case I ever wanted to.  My manuscript got rejected yesterday, and today I saw my first cockroach in the kitchen.  He was big, and he was in the cupboard where I keep my Christmas chocolate.

January, the month of new beginnings, has been trying.

January has also brought an influx of people to Kenya.  Some are people I know, and some are people I don't know but I'd do well to make the professional acquaintance of.  Some are people who left last year and then reappeared without notice.  Some are staying for 2 weeks; others are staying for 2 months.

And as an unapologetic introvert, even just typing that last paragraph felt exhausting.

I used to think that Nairobi ex-pats who compose their friend group solely of those who have been here for a certain length of time (e.g. >2 years) were cliquish.  But now I can really see it as a preservation tactic.

It's uncommonly difficult to build a life around people you know to be temporary.

But there are still 10 days left in January, and anything can happen.  Perhaps the cockroach will decide that he's overstayed his welcome and that he and his family will have a more fulfilling life in someone else's apartment.


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  1. Stuff like chocolate n bread should be kept in the fridge in places like kenya.