November 17, 2012

What I've been up to

It's been a long time since my last post here.  Pole. (Kiswahili "sorry." pr. pole-ay).  I don't have a solid defense or any ground-breaking excuses.  Just that my boss has been in town and work is a whirlwind.  Couple that with my evening Baptist aerobics, and I'm usually ready to hit the pillow by 10pm or earlier every day.  For a while, I also thought that my camera had walked off, so I was photo-light.  But the past two weeks have been full, not only with the U.S. presidential elections, but with daily life in Nairobi.  So now that I've unearthed the camera, this post will be a simple pictorial round-up of what I've been up to over here.  More in-depth posts to come soon.

Bi-weekly (twice, not every other) Kiswahili lessons at Com Cafe in Kenyatta National Hospital on my lunch break:

Com Cafe, next to my office.  

Salsa at Brew Bistro on Wednesdays and Meridian Hotel on Fridays.  We have a standing reservation for the table next to the dance floor:

Wednesday dance floor at Brew Bistro. 

A funeral at a co-worker's house in Sultan Hamud:
Again, the only mzungu.

Purchasing produce on the side of the highway to Mombassa:
Onions and tomatoes.

Papayas and Lychee.

A day-trip to 14 Falls in Thika:
Brown falls and lots of trash... Not all of Kenya is beautiful.

Traipsing (trespassing?) through private property in Thika:
The cow is not impressed.

Watching ladies cross rickety bridges made of sticks:

Til next time... Karibu.


  1. Oh, I am so glad that you posted photos of Thika! I just finished reading "The Flame Trees of Thika" and am waiting on "The Mottled Lizard" so I can find out what happens when Elspeth comes back after WWI. - Thanks for allowing me to armchair travel with you! - Rachel

  2. Thanks, Rachel! I'm glad you've been enjoying it.